TEsting in english

We invite all lower and upper secondary schools to take part in testing of educational packages in English. Packages have been prepared by scientists from Institute of Geophysics PAS, University of Bucharest and University in Versailles. Packages are dedicated for pupils that are 12 or more years old (12-19).

All schools will be testing packages from October to November 2017. Packages include materials for teachers to work with students during classes and/ or extracurricular activities (eg. student interest groups). They contain worksheets for students and hints for the teacher. In addition, they include multimedia materials (movies, animations). Webcasts of online lessons are  complementary to the package.
After each lessons teachers will be asked to complete the evaluation questionnaire.

Participation in the project is free. New schools can sign up online here.

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If you have any questions, please contact Karolina Chodzińska (kbranicka@igf.edu.pl, 22 69 15 827).


Testing in English starts right now!