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The lesson will be conducted as a guest webinar via EDU-ARCTIC Project, 5.12.15, 10.00 UTC.

It aims to increase knowledge of the glaciers, beyond standard school textbooks. It consist of a general part – the introduction of substantive information on glaciers and part with worksheets – to be filled in by the students.

General description of the glaciers, the geographical conditions of their occurrence, presentation of the basic types (mountain glaciers (valley glaciers), piedmont glaciers, ice dome, outlet glaciers, and ice sheets), erosion, transport and accumulation and basic glacial morphology forms.
Presentations of selected issues such as:
– Mass balance of glaciers,
– Internal drainage system and glacial karst,
– Glacier motion, calving, surge,
– Glacial erosion and accumulation forms, fluvio-glacial forms.

If you want to enrol, please use this link: https://edu-arctic.eu/program/lessons/231

New online lesson dedicated to GLACIERS!