NEW online lessons(2)


We are pleased to announce that you can still sign up for online lessons in English and test ERIS educational packages!

Look at the list below to find new dates to enrol and test ERIS packages:


Glaciers – 5.12.17, 10.00 UTC:

UV radiation – is it always an enemy? – 6.12 .17, 8.00 UTC:

Mimosa – 11.12.17, 9.00 UTC:

Physics of Earthquakes – 12.12.17, 8.00 UTC:

Venus – 12.12.17, 9.00 UTC:

Digital maps and geographical coordinates –  18.12.17, 11.00 UTC:

Earth magnetic field – 18.12.17, 9.00 UTC:


Lessons  will be conducted as guest webinars via EDU-ARCTIC Project.

*To enrol you need to register in EDU-ARCTIC Project. If you do not want to do it, please contact us ( We will e-mail you the link for lesson.


New dates for online lessons in December!